Top tips on how to exercise during COVID-19 lockdown



Top tips on how to exercise during COVID-19 lockdown

The most common issue that all the gym lovers are facing due to the nationwide lockdown is the closing of the gyms. The ones who do not like to exercise are most probably going to binge watch their favourite series or movies. But for the gym enthusiasts we have got some real fun here. Boosting your immunity can be the best way to utilise time in today’s scenario of the pandemic. So here we have the ways for exercising right from your homes so you can easily burn those extra calories out. Here we are with top tips on how to exercise during COVID-19 lockdown.

Top tips on how to exercise during COVID-19 lockdown

Running or simply have a regular walk

If you own a smartwatch or if you have those step counter applications installed on your mobile phones you shall be surely keeping a check on the number of steps you walk everyday. Walking alongside maintaining a considerable distance with people can be the best thing to do or if you simply you can keep walking in the courtyard of your house since it’s the lockdown time. The step counter application will make you push each day, doing better day by day.

Online Fitness Videos

Nowadays the internet is filled with zumba videos to other fitness workout videos on YouTube, just a click away. It is the most important thing today to keep yourself happy and what’s a better way than zumba? If you have fitness equipment at home, you can simply add those dumbbells to your workout. A fitness DVD could also serve the purpose.

Yoga at home

Top tips on how to exercise during COVID-19 lockdown

There can be nothing better than yoga for a good start. The one thing that requires no equipments. It lightens the body and the mind. It is the best way to divert your mind these days since the surroundings are filled with a lot of chaos. This is something that transfers you into a completely different environment, you feel relaxed and focused.

Dancing as home workout

Top tips on how to exercise during COVID-19 lockdown

A Lot of us like dancing? Isn’t it, so what if I tell you that it can be combined with the fitness routine too! It is a great way to burn up the calories in a fun way. You can even follow the viral dance trends that are being followed all over the internet. Let’s make staying fit our routine with the most fun ways to engage ourselves in.

Cleaning as home workout

Top tips on how to exercise during COVID-19 lockdown

Well, you must be thinking why is cleaning mentioned here! Cleaning your house can be a great form of workout because it has the potential to burn calories as per upto 200. Doing the laundry and making your bed, brooming, mopping floor, dusting and the regular work can compound to a great exercise.

Dusting can be a great calorie burning exercise because that one thing will make you cover your entire house. Bonus points, now you even have your house clean! With no house helps coming in, this seems to be the best fat burning exercise.


What do you think about getting some fresh air and refreshing yourself? If you own a garden, this is the perfect time to look after it and give it all the attention that it has lacked all the time. Using a lawnmower can result in a great exercise as that burns up to 280 calories per hour. Simply weeding, watering your plants, carrying those tools from one place to another are all the simple yet great ways to tone up the muscles in arms and shoulders.

Our take

In the time of lockdown, when we are stuck inside our houses, it’s the perfect time to gear up and spend some time on your body because that is the greatest asset that we have got. The above mentioned top tips on how to exercise during COVID-19 lockdown can be some fun ways to workout at our places since the gyms are closed. So why wait, start burning those extra calories and utilise the time in the best possible way because the lockdown seems to be extended.

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