Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home



Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home

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I have been off the blog for a while. Sorry about that. But I am back with a long pending post.

I have been asked to write a post on exercises for triceps. I have listed isolation (single muscle) as well as compound (multiple muscles) movements that are most effective for triceps and can be done with minimum equipments at home.

I have also listed how many reps and sets to do for each exercises and how you could prevent yourself from getting injured while doing these exercises. One small tip from me: keep your movements slow and controlled

Before I mention the exercises, let me give you a brief overview of triceps anatomy. Yes it is important!

Triceps Anatomy

Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home

The word TRI in triceps signifies three. Triceps has three heads: Lateral, long and medial (picture above). Likewise biceps have two heads: long head and short head. Triceps consists of 2/3 of your upper arm, so if you want to have toned arms, working only your biceps day and night won’t help. And guys who want big arms, if you are reading this, start working your tris

Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home

I am listing exercises here that will target all three heads of your triceps. These can be done at home. I always recommend at least one bodyweight exercise for any muscle group, because if you want to have a functional and fit body, you should be able to lift yourself first.

Diamond /Triangle /close grip pushups


The traditional method of doing this exercise requires you to keep your palms as close as possible while making a triangle, but since this is not an easy exercise, you may also like to keep your palms slightly apart as shown in the video above . You can check this video on youtube – “”

If you still find it difficult, try doing the pushups on knee version of this shown here – “” .

And if you are thinking “pushups are for chest” then I would say yes, but pushups is a compound movement (involving multiple muscles) where chest is the primary muscle and triceps are secondary. And diamond pushups are designed in a way so that it puts a lot of stress on your triceps making it work more as compared to normal pushups.

Reps and Sets: – 2 sets to failure

PS: when we say failure, we mean that you keep doing it till you are not able to do one more rep with correct form even if you want to.

Injury prevention tip: – Keep your elbows close to your torso while doing this movement. Don’t flare them out. It puts a lot of strain on your shoulders otherwise.

Bench dips

“” .

If you find this exercise too easy for you, you may try a variation i.e. keep your feet on a bench instead of the floor for added resistance like here – “”.

In case you find it too difficult, try not to go deep to form a complete 90 degree. Go partially deep and do more reps

Reps and sets: – 3 sets to failure

Injury prevention tips: –

  1. Although the old school method is to keep your palms shoulder width apart, but I suggest you keep the palms closer than shoulder width. This method takes the strain off your shoulders and engages a lot of triceps.
  2. Keep your torso close to the bench or else you will end up engaging a lot of shoulders (anterior deltoids) instead of triceps.

Triceps kickback


Jeeeez !! I hate the voice of this chic! For proper results, try to hold the contracted position for a second or two as shown in the picture.

triceps exercise Triceps kickback

Also in this pic, the girl’s torso is parallel to the ground whereas in the video it is not so. Both the forms are correct but I prefer the one in this picture because it helps me maintain my form so that I don’t engage my shoulders. You should only move your lower arm. See what mistakes to prevent while doing this exercise here. – “”

Reps and sets: – 3 to 4 sets of 15 reps each

Overhead triceps extension (one arm)


Keep your elbows tucked in all the time while doing this movement.

If you find your dumbbell too heavy for this exercise, you may try both hand overhead triceps extension. Remember, elbows tucked in! “”

Reps and sets: – 3 sets of 12 for single arm. 3 sets of 16-20 for both arms

Pilates boxing


Last but not the least. You can do this as a warm up before starting your exercise. You can also do this in between the exercises just to maintain a good blood flow in your arms throughout the session. Does this involve any triceps? Yes it does. Any push movement involves triceps. And punches are push movements :).

Reps and sets: – one minute for 2 times with 30 seconds break in between.

triceps exercise pilates boxing

Any guy reading this? Are you worried that you have not been able to add more weights to your bench press or military press? May be it is time you start working on your triceps too because both bench and military presses are push movements 🙂

There are numerous other exercises for triceps but I have listed the most effective ones that can be done at home. My subsequent posts will follow exercises for biceps, shoulders and midsection and then I will tell you how you could combine all of these for most effective results.

Stay strong !

P.S – Read the Diet Plan for weight loss here. Sorry about not embedding youtube videos directly, these are huge and can bring down IWB. – Luv Tarun