Tried “relive” on my ride…



I went for about a two and a half hour ride yesterday, and tried the “relive” app on my phone. It’s pretty cool when it works, it makes a video of your route and shows where you took photos. Unfortunately, I took 4 shots and it only got one of them. Here’s the link to the video. This is the only picture I ended up getting:

Tried “relive” on my ride… 1

This is a panorama from the Coyote Creek trail about 8:30 AM. As you can see our hills in California are now “golden” and will remain so until we get rains next fall. But it was still a beautiful ride. Too bad about the other pictures, I’ll have to try and figure out what I did wrong.

It was a great ride, a did “standup pedaling” for about 2 hours, then threw in some seated intervals on the way home. I was super relaxed afterwards. Our “lockdown” here hasn’t loosened up too much yet, but I’m glad they don’t have restrictions on how far we can go exercising. In addition to this beautiful trail, I can get to several local county parks and open space preserves which has helped a lot preventing the “shut in” feeling.