Turn Set Backs Into Come Backs



Turn Set Backs Into Come Backs

Starting over can suck or it can be a new beginning- it’s always our perspective!

Turn Set Backs Into Come Backs pinterest thumbnailToday marks 11 weeks post distal bicep tear surgery repair. I’d be lying if I did not share that I have daily thoughts or defeat around this (muscle atrophy, nerve pain, can’t write or use a fork) AND it’s been a huge opportunity for growth for me. I remind myself DAILY to operate not from my circumstances but from POSSIBILITIES.

I am grateful for so much:

I’ve learned a lot about about pain management and can help people on a whole new understanding level of compassion now

I’ve learned more about the power or blood flow resistance training, hypnosis and other skills and techniques I did not know of before (both of those are super powerful by the way)

I’ve got a daily reminder (it is my right arm lol) to focus on gratitude for the gifts that we DO have with our bodies. I never appreciated my arms the way I do now.

I’ve started to LOVE my 6 miles of walking a day. Would have never embraced that if I had not been injured. Those walks ground me in nature, perk up my mood, help the creativity flow and give me a great dose of vitamin D.

It’s always a choice to stay in victim and defeat mode or to focus on what we CAN do from where we are with what we have.

My wins from this last week:

  • Stopped the nerve pain medicine
  • Got my appetite to calm down (holy moly that medication made me starving)
  • Was able to add a few additional workout moves (yay) including my staple planks finally!

What I’m adding this week to my recovery? Brain training (more on that later this week), whey protein (adding it back in after two years away from it as it will help with recovery and muscle growth)

Embrace your set backs as growth opportunities. It’s powerful what that shift will do for you!

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