Up in the Hills to the South and West


I went on a bike tour to the south and West of Morgan hill, then up into the hills from the west.

El Toro Up Close From the old neighborhood on the west side of Morgan Hill
Ducks and Geese at Community Park. There is an unpaved path around this park that is a favorite of mine. Back when I was rehabbing from my heart valve surgery, walking around this was one of the first fun things I could do. It took me 20 minutes to go about half a mile. Going around it always reminds me how nice it is to be recovered.
Open-space at Little Llagas creek drainage. A popular spot for walking and biking.
Further up the same path, there’s an elementary school’s grounds to the right
Heading up into the Hills southwest of town on Sycamore Drive
Looking Northeast from Sycamore
Paradise Valley from Oak Glen Avenue

On the way home I did some intervals. It felt great to “stretch my legs” on a nice day. The majority of this ride was standing up which feels like “running on air” if you’re in a high enough gear. I did 8×1 minute intervals, 8×30 sec sprints, and some “on-bike strength” (climbing uphill while standing in a high gear). My next challenge is to break 4 minutes for a mile standing on the bike, so these intervals are point at that.