Urban-Rural-Urban Ride



Sunday I did a ride that started out urban in Morgan Hill, then through rural roads to the West and northward up to San Jose, then urban again in San Jose and back home, for a total of 48 miles. The high for the day was 84 degrees, and I was done earlier than that, so it was pleasant the whole way. This was another good test of my e-bike. I’ve mentioned in the past that I like to stand up to pedal a lot. I was against the wind heading north, and it worked great to stand up to pedal with a bit of assist.

Urban-Rural-Urban Ride 1
In the parking lot of Morgan Hill’s Centennial Recreation center, which I passed on my way. The chainlink fences to the left enclose the outdoor training equipment, which dates back to Covid indoor restrictions. Some people liked working out al fresco, so they left some machines out there.
Urban-Rural-Urban Ride 2
This is the community park adjacent to the rec center. It has a pleasant dirt path around it I like to ride on
Urban-Rural-Urban Ride 3
We are excited the new “Magical Bridges” part of the park is about to open, which has play areas for people of all ages and abilities
Urban-Rural-Urban Ride 4
Done with urban for now, heading out of town on Edmundson Ave.
Urban-Rural-Urban Ride 5
Ward’s Oak Glen farm on Oak Glen Ave, dating from 1894.
Urban-Rural-Urban Ride 6
Heading past Uvas reservoir on Uvas road, now heading north,
Urban-Rural-Urban Ride 7
Legend has it that the great Jockey Willie Shoemaker was part owner of this horse ranch
Urban-Rural-Urban Ride 8
Uvas road has changed its name to McKean, heading past Calero reservoir with the Santa Cruz mountains in the distance
Urban-Rural-Urban Ride 9
I left McKean to take the beautiful Calero Creek offroad path
Urban-Rural-Urban Ride 10
Transitioning back to urban, this is the Almaden Valley neighborhood of San Jose
Urban-Rural-Urban Ride 11
But right near the city streets, this Los Alamitos Creek Trail runs for several miles through a linear park

Unfortunately, my camera’s battery died so I couldn’t document the rest of the ride. Los Alamitos Creek trail comes out at Almaden lake city park, and from there I headed through the Santa Teresa neighborhood of San Jose. Then Santa Teresa boulevard took me back home. Tired but with a big smile.