Volunteer Spotlight–Dr. Frank Martello



Volunteer Spotlight–Dr. Frank Martello 1Dr. Martello’s altruism shines through his community involvement and his commitment to sharing his craft. As a longtime DLN volunteer, founding DLN • Louisiana board member and past DLN • LA board president, Dr. Martello has donated more than $200,400 in treatment since the program’s inception in 1987 to help individuals with disabilities, who are elderly, or who are considered medically fragile who otherwise could not afford it.

He was recently awarded  the 2021 recipient of the Louisiana Dental Association (LDA) Humanitarian Award. Dr. Martello has also been a member of the LDA, the American Dental Association (ADA), and the New Orleans Dental Association (NODA) for 43 years. He served as the president of NODA in 1993 and the secretary in 1987-1988. He has a private practice in uptown New Orleans and is a clinical associate professor at the LSU School of Dentistry.

“Dr. Martello is truly deserving of this prestigious award,” said Fred Leviton, CEO of Dental Lifeline Network. “We are grateful for his continued commitment to donating dental services to vulnerable individuals, for his devotion to the dental profession, and his dedication to his community.”

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