Want to get a head above the rest?



Want to get a head above the rest? 1

Freeform lists some of the feedback it is currently getting from users of its laser welder and launches its brand-new desktop laser welder, the MS-35.

Labs all over the UK and Ireland are bringing laser welding in house to ensure top quality appliances.

But don’t just take our word for it: ‘I have to say I am really happy with the welder. We have had zero problems with it, it just works! It improved the precision, as we used to only solder before. Now, we don’t have to deal with solder fumes. We are also able to make appliances that we were not able to make before’ – Paulina, Ireland.

‘I’m confident in the quality of my product. I wanted to make high-end appliances, so I needed high-end equipment. Some appliances that I soldered were returned to me, so I thought it was time to change. It’s important that my clients and their patients are satisfied by my work. Now, anything that I have laser welded hasn’t come back!’ – Val, Sitha Designs.

‘Before the introduction of laser welding, prostheses were often suffering from weaker joints. This means it compromises the mechanical stability of the appliances. Then, to deliver a great product, more time was spent, and material wasted on each appliance just to compensate for the lack of a laser welder’ – James, The Lab, Dental Design Studio.

Freeform training days

Freeform also hosts a range of events and training days to help users make the most out of their tools and see a fast ROI. Laser welding workshops are ideal if you want to learn new techniques and perfect existing ones while discovering how to extend the life of your laser.

See what people have said about it.

‘This was a very helpful and informative workshop for the Dado laser welder. I’ve bought one recently. I’ve had a great day at the workshop and learnt lots of good tips’ – feedback form.

‘The workshop was well laid out and I feel I learnt so much and feel confident with the laser welder. The whole team were wonderful and welcoming, would definitely recommend the course!’ – feedback form.

‘I had such a great day last week, thank you for being so welcoming and informative’ – Mirri, Cornwall.

The MS-35

Freeform has just announced the launch of a brand-new desktop laser welder, the MS-35. This is a first for the British market.

The MS-35 is a fully functional laser welder with the shape and features of the big systems, packed in a small size. It is ideal for orthodontal specialists and lab technicians who wish to speed up their workflow without compromising on precision and accuracy.

All our laser welders are low maintenance, and you require no service contract to tie you in unnecessarily. Unlike other brands out there.

You’ll benefit from a three-year warranty with the MS-35, a 10x microscope, a large, well-lit welding chamber, and a more sophisticated interface. You can also save settings for particular jobs, adjust the frequency and change the spot size with ease, thanks to its seven-inch touch screen display.

Freeform is pleased to offer Dentistry readers a £100 discount with the code LAB100 when ordering the MS-35 before the 4 March 2022, so that you can get a head above the rest.

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