Ways To Make Eggs Interesting



Ways To Make Eggs Interesting

I like eggs and have been eating every single day since last year December 2012. Previously, I use to eat them without the yolk but after following the caveman diet I mean paleo/wheat belly, I have enjoyed eggs in many other ways too.

Eggs are called perfect food and the reason is that one can have it as breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. You can have it boiled, poached, fried, scrambled, etc. I think there are a million ways to eat them and still, many recipes are not yet made. Today let us think of various ways to make eggs interesting.

Ways To Make Eggs Interesting

As it has been long since I have been having eggs daily it’s getting little monotonous for me to have the same half fry or onion and capsicum omelet every day. I started looking for ways to make my meals special. I am sharing a few tips and tricks and quick recipes that will help you not get bored and have an added benefit of protein every day. So here we go with tips and recipes.

Let us make eggy meals Interesting 😀

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  • Try different herbs in your eggs. I sometimes like to add Italian seasoning in it, sometimes make it really spicy with green chilies and extra cheese on it.

  • At times add mixed herbs or flax seeds chutney. That is a good way to add good fats if you follow the Keto Diet.

  • I sometimes take three egg yolks and add a splash of heavy cream in it and cook in butter. Tastes amazing.

  • You can mix eggs with veggies and meats and then pour it into cupcakes tins and bake it at 350 degrees for 25 mins.


  • Boil eggs and cut them into half. Take out the yolk and mash it up. Add olive oil, vinegar, mustard, paprika, and salt. Adjust take as per your liking and fill it back into the egg.
  • I add Maggi masala. Just put it into the whipped eggs and make a spicy egg omelet.
  • Take some oil to add one chopped onion, chopped sausages, salt, and black pepper. Crack 2-3 eggs of your choice and you are full for hours.
  • Eggs and mushrooms with onions really go well. There are some really great recipes on net combining all the three.

Don’t forget to tell us how to make eggs interesting in the comment section if you know any trick 🙂

Editor’s Note About Ways To Make Eggs Interesting.

There are many more recipes that you can concoct on your own. All you need to do is think smartly. The best ways to make egg interesting are by thinking of eggs as a binding agent. Few tested recipe ideas are …..

Low Carb Gluten Free Recipe - Cauliflower Pancakes

  • Add a beaten egg to shredded leftover chapatis or bread and cook like an omelet for an interesting twist to the boring egg bread/roti. You can add some chilly sauce and tomato ketchup to accentuate the taste.
  • If you have leftover rice, add a few well-beaten eggs to finely chopped vegetables and shallow fry with spices. Add leftover rice, soya sauce, and chilly sauce.
  • Your kids are surely going to like eggs if you beat some ground sugar with it and make small pancakes. Serve with slices of banana and apple wrapped inside like a roll.

If you have any ideas about making eggs interesting, do share it with us. If you are interested in more such recipes, check these links here……

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