We Must Change our Relationship with Pain



We Must Change our Relationship with Pain

Change our Relationship with Pain“I am in so much PAIN Natalie, how did you thrive even with your injuries?”

30-40 year old me didn’t understand “pain” like I do now at 49. I used to think: it was not something that would happen to ME and I also believed it was people’s faults… that they someone “caused” it by not taking care of themselves. How lame of me…

As injuries and age crept up, 3 MAJOR injuries to be specific on top of an auto immune disorder truly challenged me. My all consuming focus became my PAIN and how to stop “feeling” it. How to CONTROL it.

I focused on STOPPING the pain and the symptoms. You name it… I tried it.

The more we focus on something the more we attract it. Focused on stopping the pain? You’ll notice MORE PAIN.

As I approach 50 this has changed. I stopped trying to stop and control IT and instead shifted my energy to my RELATIONSHIP with pain. What does that mean?

  1. What is the pain TELLING ME?
  2. Where do I need to LISTEN?
  3. What do I need to DO ANYWAYS
  4. What will support strengthening imbalances that are causing the pain?
  5. What unhealed emotions am I holding onto that are showing up in my body?
  6. Am I eating, hydrating and moving to give myself optimal conditioning or to generate more inflammation?

Pain is not something we can always control or stop.

We must change our relationship with pain. Muting it doesn’t stop it.

This may be hard to hear- but you all ask me WHAT I DO FOR PAIN so I’m answering from that space….


I move my body ANYWAY.

I focus on health and additions and not what I’m trying to escape

I wake up in pain most mornings- but I’ll tell you, by moving anyways, by giving my body optimal movement and nourishment that drastically fades away throughout the day.

A body in motion STAYS in motion. Being sedentary- to avoid “feeling” makes the pain and problem worse.

I’m not your doctor. I do not know what they have told you that you can or can not do – but I’ll tell you that If they’ve cleared you that you will not make a problem worse than WORK THOUGH IT and change your relationship with pain.

Do not let the pain define YOU
Change your relationship to it

The workouts I follow to ALLEVIATE and not progress pain can be found HERE

The anti inflammatory diet I follow is HERE


Natalie Jill

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