Webinar | Creative and Critical Thinking Inside a Digital Revolution


We, as a profession, are individually and collectively facing a strategic shift to our core economic, clinical, and philosophical value systems.

The digital transformation continues at a Moore’s Law pace forcing every individual dentist to navigate the balance between what we know and where we want to go. Today, creative critical thinking affects our self-esteem, judgement, chosen path, new skills, economic ROI and fuels our desire to reach our full potential for our family, staff, and patients. Dr. Dawson and the master teachers provided the foundation for every dentist to succeed professionally. Don’t think outside of your current box, just get a new expanded box. The future of dentistry has never been more exciting or challenging.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore how to capitalize on your inner creative values
  • Discuss the true definitions of digital and technology
  • Summarize why the master teachers guide your future
  • Formulate technological decisions based on your vision
  • Ascertain how to think about occlusion, TMD, pain, and prosthetics in 2020