WEGO Health Pauses Facebook Advertising



WEGO Health Pauses Facebook Advertising

WEGO Health’s Patient Leader members rely on social media, and Facebook especially, for their work supporting their patient communities. A few months ago, we polled our members about Facebook’s privacy issues, and 93% felt their connection to their Facebook patient communities was too important to abandon.

But to keep those communities safe, Facebook needs to do better in its fight against hate speech, calls for violence, and misinformation. In support of the #stophateforprofit movement, WEGO Health will pause all paid advertising on Facebook effective July 1.

We will monitor the situation closely – if Facebook’s positive response allows an early end, we will resume advertising immediately. Otherwise, we will resume advertising on Facebook on August 1.

WEGO Health is proud to be an active supporter of the fight against racial injustice; we see this action as an expansion of that commitment. Any interruption in paid advertising is not good for our business, but at times like this, we must do what’s right.

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