Weight Loss Myths Busted – Part 1



Weight Loss Myths Busted

A study in Australia shows that the number of people with obesity is rapidly increasing like never before. Around 68% of men and 55% of women are obese. Not only adults but children are also becoming obese with around 25% of the population. We know that many health problems are related to obesity or unwanted bad cholesterol. With this rapid increase in number, there is also an increase in the risk of coronary heart diseases, diabetes, etc.

Due to these reasons and to become healthy, people constantly try to shed weight, and mostly they try to do it in shortcuts but these only result in gaining more weight. When it comes to weight loss, most people still think of fasting, dieting, reducing the food quantity. This only means that you are removing the essential nutrients from your diet which leads to weight gain. Many people also think that workouts can reduce weight. It does but there are few conditions as well. There are many more myths or misconceptions among the population regarding weight loss. One of them is that doing something in a short period of time will give long-lasting results. This isn’t true. There’s nothing like magic. These shortcuts can do nothing more than bad to your body.

Similarly, there are many more myths that are listed below to make you aware of the facts.

Few Facts To Remember:

Weight Loss Myths Busted - Part 1

1. There are no shortcuts to weight loss.

The very first idea or thought that comes to mind regarding weight loss is dieting. This always leads to health problems in many cases. People tend to reduce food intake and nutrients intake. There are no food and food combinations that reduce body fat magically. It’s just that you need to know which food caries what and how many calories. Know how many calories you are taking in a day and make changes accordingly. Eat healthily and add some physical activities to your lifestyle.

2. Some dietary fats cause weight gain

Know what you are eating. If you’ve cut many food items from your diet and taking dietary fats more than carbohydrates and proteins, you are likely to gain more weight. Fats are concentrated forms of energy and they carry lots of calories compared to carbohydrates. Consider plant or fish fats than animal fat since animal fats make you fatter. Moreover, plant and fish fats are readily used by the body and are less likely to store in the form of fat in your belly.

It doesn’t mean that you can take excess carbohydrates and proteins. Even these are stored in the form of fat. Taking calories more than you burn in a day can make you gain weight.

4. How Much Of Carbohydrates To Take?

Taking low carbohydrates can show good results in short term. You can observe relative weight loss. With time in the long term, the weight loss rate relatively reduces. Taking very low carbohydrates with rich protein food and fats especially animal fats will show unhealthy results later. Avoiding plant food is a strict no. So it is always advised to take a moderate amount of carbohydrates with plant and fish fas along with lots of plant proteins.

Weight Loss Myths Busted

There are many myths related to food and weight loss. It is important to know them if you are planning to shed some weight.

1. Potatoes make you fat:

It used to thought before that cutting carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, etc. But actually, carbohydrates are the main and preferred source of energy. One cannot skip it. However, you can just reduce the intake of carbohydrates. When you take more energy than your body spends, then you put on weight. This is difficult when you are eating carbohydrates when compared to fats. Taking more amounts of carbohydrates can’t make you fatter that easily but consuming fats can do it very easily.

2. Food combining diets work:

There are many food combination based diets. We often believe that the digestive system can’t go for a combination of foods. It is also heard that carbohydrates clash with proteins which generally leads to digestion problems and weight gain while this isn’t true. These foods together can actually help our digestive system. Each nutrient helps others in one or the other way. Our digestive system can easily break down all the food we take and so food combining diets should be avoided.

3. Breakfast should consist of fruit only:

Does really eating just fruits in the morning after a long night helps reducing weight? It is a big lie. This in fact isn’t good for health. A day should always start with a healthy meal rich in carbohydrates to start the day. Fruits are rich in fiber and vitamins but they are not rich in carbohydrates which are very essential in the morning.

So these were a few facts and myths about weight loss. We’ll check the remaining in part – 2.

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