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weight loss tips
Are you looking for effective weight loss tips? My ‘Three-Point Health Recovery System’ can be your answer

Are you looking for effective weight loss tips?

My ‘Three-Point Health Recovery System’ can be your answer

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Our regular readers and followers must have noticed that recently we have reduced the number of posts on this blog. The reason is simple, we thought over it and realized that it is high time to do everything in a mindful way. We were giving many weight loss tips and today I plan to go for the basic idea of doing everything consciously. Every Wednesday, I will be talking my heart out with my blog followers and sharing my health recovery experiences. You can read about me here…

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Coming back to the basics, let me begin with my struggle with weight loss that had been pulling me down into the deep dark dungeons of depression for a long time, almost three years to be precise. The more I was making an effort to control food and diet, the more stifling my life was becoming on every mealtime. Mornings were dull as standing on the weighing scale made me hate myself. To top it all entered Covid-19 in my life. The restrictions forced me to stop all outdoor activities. All I was doing the whole day was thinking of the meaninglessness of life and making myself happy eating something really sweet. Sugar in all forms was the healing factor for my soul. My glutes were in pain and it was becoming difficult to change sides while sleeping at night. Every morning I promised myself that it was going to be a new day but by 10 am I was back on the dark track on a daily basis. I was ashamed of my body, my lack of self-control, and the only way to show some love to myself was proving to be the one that was actually killing me; eating food. I hated food yet that was the only thing I loved. I am sure while I am talking about this, there are thousands of women like me who are wiping their teary eyes because it is their story too… Am I right!

No, wait! life isn’t meant to end at this point because I was the same woman who had lost 40 kg weight doing Atkins/Keto diet… Now I was in no mood to control carbohydrates as I didn’t want to face hair fall and loss of muscles once again. Yes, it took me five years to get my hair back to its normal thickness and growth.

Weight Loss Tips; Three-point health recovery systemMy life came back on the normal track after I decided to live one day at a time. After a long struggle, now I wake up with only one positive thought, “Today is a new day and I have to get better than yesterday.”

That was just the beginning and it was possible only after I decided to make habit formation and intuitive eating my preference to go for.

My Weight Loss Tips; ‘Three-point health recovery system’

I decided to streamline my life and to do so, prepared my personal ‘Three-point health recovery system’. 

  • Eat 18-6 IF

  • 6 Days Workout 

  • Say “NO” to dieting and Scale

Well that is pretty simple to understand, isn’t it?

  • Eat 18-6 IF

On a daily basis, I am doing Intermittent fasting for 18 hrs with a six hour eating window.

What do I eat? Anything and everything. Yes, I am not curbing my cravings for sweets as I have something sweet after meals.

No sugar or sweetener in tea for me simply because I don’t like it.

My eating window starts at 12 noon and ends at 6 pm. If someday I eat before 12 then the closing time also shifts accordingly.

One thing is clear that I do fail and give up on my efforts. At times during night when I feel very hungry… I don’t feel ashamed to have a glass of diluted buttermilk or a few almonds.

  • 6 Days Workout 

Weight Loss Tips; Three-point health recovery system
Wake up with only one positive thought, “Today is a new day and I have to get better than yesterday.”

In the month of May, I bought a treadmill so that I can walk without going out. Since May 15th I am regularly walking for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. The speed, incline levels I keep increasing and decreasing according to my mood and requirement.

I began with burning 100 calories in 21 minutes but now have reached burning 300 calories in 27 minutes. I refuse to put my body or mind under any kind of undue pressure as that would kill my purpose of enjoying what I am doing. Earphones in place and some fast Bollywood music playing are enough to make me feel happy.

  • Say NO to dieting and scale

This is one thing that changed my outlook towards health and weight loss. I know I am overweight by many kilos but I am in no hurry to check my weight like I used to do earlier. The numbers made me feel sick of my life. Scale made me feel like a failure despite all efforts.

The only thing I am focussing on right now is, not going for any particular fad diet and forgetting that I have two weighing scales at my place.

I have stopped counting calories but yes I don’t take anything solid after 6 pm.

I don’t check my weight on the scale but yes, I work out daily six days a week without fail.

I don’t run on the treadmill but yes, I walk with joy and try to improve my speed slowly.

I know that if I keep following my ‘Three-point health recovery system’ I will never be looking for any weight loss tips ever. Why don’t you too try it once? After all, aren’t we looking for good health for ourselves?