WOW! What a year!



WOW! What a year! 1

2020 was an INCREDIBLE year for the #KnowYourLemons campaign. Why? We had an ambitious goal to reach 1 BILLION people online…….and WE DID IT IN JUST FOUR YEARS!!!

More people than ever are telling us that seeing our work is the reason they are alive.

We also made a couple of other major accomplishments:

  • We’ve partnered with the United Nations Department of Global Communications to help reduce deaths from breast cancer by ⅓ by 2030.

  • We’ve launched a brand new version of the Know Your Lemons App for iPhone with all new features. (You can download it here

  • We’ve trained 160 educators with our Certified Global Educator Program in 31 countries around the world.

  • We have expanded our campaign to include 22 languages with more on the way for 2021.

  • We created a new campaign featuring a more relatable figure for women of color. These updates can be seen in our campaign materials in the shop, social media channels, and in a blog post.

  • We redesigned the posters for 2020 to show a more simplified and inclusive version of the posters.

Our accomplishments this year were made possible by our supporters, our educators, and our breast cancer awareness community. We couldn’t do our life-saving work without YOU.

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