What Is LISS? And Why Is It Beneficial?




It is officially springtime and with that comes warmer weather as well as brighter evenings. Many of us may also find this time to be perfect for the start of a new workout routine. And with the recent COVID-19 outbreak across the globe, we are all looking for ideas to keep us active and busy while practicing social distancing! That’s where LISS comes in! Never heard of LISS before? We’re breaking down what exactly LISS is and why it’s beneficial…

What Is LISS?

LISS stands for Low Intensity Steady State, or for lament terms low intensity cardio. It’s a method of Cardiovascular exercise in where prolonged aerobic activities are performed.

One important thing to know about LISS, is that it involves very little body stress and therefore performing any form of low intensity cardio activity is acceptable as long as you are following a steady state for a minimum of 45-60 minutes a session.  With that being said, take your time, don’t rush your workout, and monitor your breathing!

What Workouts Are Considered LISS?

With many of Americans practicing self-distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak, you can easily incorporate LISS into your daily routine. By taking a walk at the park, doing some yard-work, chasing after your kiddos at the park, or even a light jog.

Whether your trying to get back into the groove, or simply looking into starting fresh again. LISS could be an ideal workout to incorporate to your daily schedule as it can easily be done while being out and about with minimal effort!

Why is LISS Beneficial?

Besides it being adequate for all ages, weights, and fitness levels, this workout could gradually help increase your cardio levels while burning calories, it’s completely FREE! So no excuses!

Additional benefits include:

  • Enhances Fat Burning – As an effect of LISS workouts, more oxygen in our bodies becomes available. This is helpful as fat needs oxygen to be broken down and therefore the more oxygen produced by the body, when participating in low intensity cardio, the more fat we are able to burn.
  • Increases Blood Circulation – Similarly, to fat burning, engaging in low intensity cardio workouts such as LISS improves your blood supply. Because LISS follows a prolonged workout session, more oxygen is delivered to the lungs, which in return enhance your respiratory capacity and delivery to the blood. As a result of an increase in blood circulation, it also allows for healthier functioning of the cells and organ system to occur.
  • Its Free and Easy to Fit Into any Schedule – LISS requires little to no gym equipment. Many of you may already have gym equipment at home that is never used, now you’ll know how to use it. However, simply walking your dog for about an hour or taking a late afternoon jog will help you achieve the same benefits. Now if your excuse is that you have the busiest of schedules, you will be pleased to learn that a little planning in advance can help you engage in LISS. Like I mentioned before, it could be incorporated on your cleaning or running errands days making it a win-win situation!

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