What Is Special Heart Healthy Diet For Covid Recovery!



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Let us find out what to do to follow a special Heart Healthy Diet for easy COVID recovery!

What to do to follow a special Heart Healthy Diet for easy COVID recovery!

While the whole world is troubled and suffering from the after-effects of COVID-19, the most common health complication of it is seeming to be a cardiac arrest and heart attack. Many patients seeming to be recovering suddenly showed symptoms of a heart attack. Along with the treatment, it is mandatory to follow a special Heart Healthy Diet For smooth COVID Recovery.

Symptoms of a heart attack after COVID-19

COVID-19 is an inflammatory disease that produces inflammation in the body especially in the blood vessels. As a result, the blood becomes thicker, and more than often clots form in the heart arteries, and lungs. If anyone who is recovering from COVID feels shortness of breath along with a very fast or slow heart rate, dizziness, etc, there is a possibility that it could be a heart attack. Any patient who is diabetic has high blood pressure is more vulnerable to cardiac arrest during the COVID recovery period. That means they need to be very careful about these symptoms.

Do you know what is a Heart Healthy Diet for patients on the path to COVID recovery?

While on the path to COVID recovery a special heart-healthy diet plan must be followed so as to boost heart health naturally. Here are the basics of the Indian diet plan for a healthy heart. We know it is very difficult to change food habits but is it really impossible? Check the below-mentioned steps and move rapidly and safely on your way to a healthy heart.

Add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet

Very basic and common suggestion but we have seen people not eating fruits on a regular basis. We know that vegetables and fruits are the best sources of vitamins and minerals. Being low in calories and rich in dietary fiber, it is a great idea to eat two portions of vegetables and salad daily. They also make one eat less of high-fat foods.

Say yes to complex carbohydrates and no to simple carbohydrates

As we know that whole grains are wonderful sources of fiber and many other nutrients. These also are helpful in regulating blood pressure and boost heart health. Reducing the intake of simple carbohydrates that are present in processed and packaged food becomes an important step for a heart-healthy diet.

Control use of unhealthy fats to control cholesterol

Limited use of saturated as well as trans fats is a crucial step for helping in lowering cholesterol and stop coronary artery problems also. Foods rich in Omega–3 fats can help to improve heart health and reduce inflammation. PUFA and MUFA improve cholesterol levels and decrease heart disease risk. Healthy Fats need to be consumed in moderation to protect and keep the heart healthy.

Go for food choices with low-fat protein

For a heart-healthy diet, the choice of the right type of protein is important. Animal protein in excess can cause heart problems due to high saturated fats and cholesterol intake in the body. If you are an Indian following the vegetarian diet then you must consume more plant-based proteins.  

Control Sodium in daily meals

Excessive use of sodium can easily raise blood pressure. Sodium also dehydrates the body which can make the arteries stiff causing blood clotting. This is the perfect recipe for heart disease. Not only salt but various vegetables, pulses, grains, and animal foods also have sodium content in them that is not at all good for a heart-healthy diet.

heart healthy diet for easy COVID recovery
To prepare a special heart healthy diet, add lots of fruits and vegetables to diet.

Points to remember for a heart-healthy diet :

A heart-healthy diet can be prepared by anyone who can follow these steps. If followed strictly, it can bring in a postive change in heart health. Along with all these, it is of utmost importance to avoid building up stress. A shoutout to everyone on the path of recovery from COVID-19 should be much careful and never panic to avoid heart problems.