What You Don’t Know About Me



What You Don’t Know About Me

For those of you NEW to my site… some things you don’t know about me (YET!)

What You Don't Know About Me pinterest thumbnailI am 48 years old & help women “age in reverse”… it is so much more than an APPEARANCE thing. It is about HOW we feel, WHAT we believe is possible and becoming purposeful. I believe you are NOT TOO OLD and it is not TOO LATE!

I was once a broke, overweight, single mom that lost her home, health and happiness. It was IN that rock bottom time, hurting, feeling it, and being WITH that pain that my life changed. Natalie Jill Fitness was born from that time. I believe it is during times of hardship and pain that innovation and creativity are born. Many of you are experiencing so much pain right now- there IS something magical on the other side. There always is.

My slogan for years was “Excuses or Solutions… YOU decide” and DANG, I’ve been tested with that. I have had injuries, set backs, heartbreaks, financial disasters and, losses, incredibly painful experiences in my life. I know now that things happen FOR us not TO us and that we are alive to learn and grow. I always emerge stronger after tough times. I believe I walk through these things so that I can experience and feel them and then serve others with relatability, empathy and knowledge.

My GIFT is story telling. I love to SHARE stories, to write (I have 2 best selling books), and to interview people about THEIR stories! I have a podcast called “leveling up” where I have interviewed fascinating people ABOUT their story. I also work privately with just 4 purpose driven clients a quarter to help THEM pull and craft THEIR story.

Home workouts & Nutrition has saved me so many times over. They are the two things that I CAN control. They will always be staples in my life and I will always continue to share these with you…. (Currently I have been sharing HOME WORKOUTS because I KNOW That during these tough times they can help you a lot too.)

Anyways… that is a lot about ME! Tell me about YOU!? What do I need to know about YOU and how did you find me?


Natalie Jill

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