What You Need to Know Before Paying Your Hospital Bills




Going through breast cancer can take a toll on both your health and your pocketbook. During a serious disease such as breast cancer, many people find it hard to pay their medical bills on time while they try to continue paying their daily living expenses as well. But there are definitely ways to help ease the costs and make things more manageable. Here are a few things you need to know before paying your hospital bills.

Always Ask for the EOB

What’s an EOB you ask? An EOB is an explanation of Benefits from your insurance company. If you have insurance, be sure to ask for this so you know exactly what is covered under your plan and you can even find out what hospitals might not be in your network. Often times if your doctor or hospital is not within your network, this can result in higher charges.

No Insurance? No Problem!

If you don’t have health insurance that doesn’t mean you aren’t able to be prepared for the costs you might incur during breast cancer treatment. Try meeting face-to-face with someone at your hospital, doctor’s office or clinic to better understand your bills or what future costs might look like. Most offices are willing to work with you and possibly even offer discounts that you might not be aware of. If they aren’t able to work out a discount, they are more than likely able to work out a payment plan to help you manage the costs better.

Ask for Itemized Bills

Always be sure to ask for itemized bills after completing a treatment or procedure, as you want to ensure there are no duplicate charges and that you received all detailed items listed. You’d be surprised how many people find discrepancies in their bills which can drastically reduce the charges.

Explore Additional Resources

Many people aren’t aware that other resources exist to help you navigate and pay your medical bills. By talking with your nurse navigator or cancer care team, they may know of an organization that specifically offers a program to help you pay down your medical bills. Take a look at our Patient Resources page to find a list of organizations that offer financial assistance.

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