When Things Feel Out Of Control



When Things Feel Out Of Control

So much can feel out of control these days …and ugh listening to the news and scrolling social media feeds can fuel that feeling! Add home schooling if you’ve got young kids right now and your own work and it’s a recipe for that yuck feeling.

When Things Feel Out Of Control pinterest thumbnail-2I totally get this. I have experienced this too. Add my arm surgery to the mix and believe me I’ve soooo felt it. Scrolling back through pics on my phone I found this image which was taken when I was recovering from a previous injury and personal setback. I’m glad I found it as it totally reminded me of the power of controlling SOMETHING.

I’ve been in this place of uncertainty before many times before over the years and came out mentally and physically stronger, more creative and more empowered on the other side. Every single time. Why?

Because what I’ve learned is that when things feel out of control, finding SOMETHING that we can control helps… a LOT. And there is always something.

We CAN STILL control what we are doing with our bodies… especially while safe at home. What we put in them and what we do WITH THEM. Even if you have an injury (like me) there is still something we CAN do.

You CAN do this with a short amount of time, limited space and just your own body weight too..

If you are finally ready to take control of your body and decide to get in the BEST shape of your life, to get your body under control, I’ve got a super discounted special for you.

You are not too old and it’s not too late and you CAN totally do this at home with your own bodyweight.

I’ve bundled together with a mega discount the exact method to get to my physical best that I use even today at age 48.

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PS: YES this photo was taken coming off a previous rough time/ it’s not recent while my arm is currently in a cast.


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