Who Is Dana Falsetti And Why I Love Her



Who Is Dana Falsetti And Why I Love Her

It was almost two years back when I accidentally found an account on Instagram @nolatrees and it would be an understatement to say that I was floored. This Insta account was of a beautiful woman named Dana also known as Nolatrees who was no way near the universally defined description of thin yoga instructors. There I saw a beautiful smiling curvy woman who was not at all apologetic about her exposed cellulite and fat thighs and she was a yoga instructor. Yes, I fell in love with her confidence and something in me told my depressed self that it is the inner confidence and self-acceptance that makes you a diva. Dana indeed is a force to reckon with.
Dana uses her account to promote self-care, body positivity, and self-acceptance which makes her special. Not only that, but it is also about the yoga journey of Dana.
Dana Falsetti
Yoga, yes Dana is such a wonderfully flexible Yoga Instructor that I am planning to register for her online program.

What makes Dana Falsetti special!

Dana, like many curvy women, lived with shame, unaware of how the thoughts of others unknowingly impact us. Most of us expose ourselves to others’ perceptions and get affected generally in a negative way.
There were times when no one was ready to entertain her so she decided to become a yogi herself. To fix the negative and regressive mindsets of most of the yoga studios, she decided to open a Yoga space, open to all kinds of people, without the consideration of body shapes, types, or abilities.
Who Is Dana Falsetti And Why I Love Her 1 Dana is the flagbearer of self-confidence and body inclusivity.  She has proved that fitness through yoga has nothing to do with any specific body shape. Yoga is more of a spiritual experience.
According to her Insta account, “It requires an immense amount of comfort with yourself to be open to critical thought in a way that involves our own part and can lead to our own change.” For her, all one needs is forgetting ego and a willingness to look at yourself critically. Later there enters the need for self-compassion, forgiveness, and making proactive changes.
Dana Falsetti

Dana Falsetti runs Donation based, online, accessible yoga classes which she began in 2018. She is undoubtedly an icon in the world of yoga. Dana inspires me as her each and every move is all about her focus on being real, confident, and self-esteem.

I am a big fan of her belief that inspires me to do all that I can (or at times cannot do). I look at her moves, those folds and curls when I feel low and something in me wakes up from a deep slumber. Suddenly all my pains vanish and I find myself getting ready to go for a walk. I limp, but I walk. My knees ache but I stroll. My hips and back get stiff but I stretch in the morning. That is the personal magic of Dana for me.

I realize one thing and that is each one of us is in some kind of pain. At times we give up to that pain and suffer all the more. Succesful is that one person who changes that pain into strength and become powerful enough to live a joyful life.

If you feel low because of your weight and feel apologetic about your physical being, you need to check out Dana Falsetti’s Instagram and Facebook pages. Sometimes we just need a few pictures to get inspired about living life.

Dana Falsetti

More power to you Dana, Keep inspiring everyone and make this world a better place. Cheers.

Photo Credits- https://www.instagram.com/practicewithdana/

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