Why are you in need of a Refeed Day? Part 1



Why are you in need of a Refeed Day?

Know all about Refeed Day.

Have you heard of the term ‘Refeed Day’? Well in the diet world it is being coined by various experts. A refeed day in simpler terms is just a day in which you intentionally over consume calories after being on a break from them. The fact behind having a refeed day is to balance the negative effects of being calorie deficient that might include lower hormone levels.

Refeed and Cheat day… are they the same!

It sounds pretty much similar to a cheat day, but it is not exactly the same.

What is refeed day

  • Cheat day means that you can have any kind of food in any quantity that you desire.

Why are you in need of a Refeed Day? Part 1 1

  • Refeed day means consuming planned items in controlled quantity.

Adaptive thermogenesis is the human body’s protection mechanism that works to alter the metabolism to cater with the high low calorie intake. When you are working on losing your body weight, on the low calorie days, the body results in low leptin levels. So when you have a refeed day in between, the leptin levels go up and as a result the body’s fat burning process works more efficiently. Carbs are the best boosters for the leptin levels of the body.

Positives of a refeed day

  • Prevention from weight loss plateau

When a person is trying to lose weight you’ll see that initially there is a good amount of weight loss followed by a period in which there is no weight loss. This is because of adaptive thermogenesis, thus having carbs increases the leptin levels and thus the weight loss mechanism can work in a better way.

refined carbs

  • Overeating can be reduced

It is observed that when you start restricting your diet, you tend to grow more fondness towards the cheat days so you can overeat on your favorite snack. But cheat days cause a high dysfunctioning in the diet control that might actually hamper your weight loss process. Thus, a refeed day shall be a better alternative to cope up with it.

  • Better Physical Performance

When you avoid carbs, the body has restricted glycogen content. It is the carbohydrate that provides quick energy for the physical activities. Thus, with the help of a refeed day, your body shall replenish the glycogen content leading to better field performance.

Our Take

The concept of refeed days is just to take a break from the calorie restriction. It helps dealing with the weight loss plateau but still this theory requires more research. It can be helpful if taken in a positive approach managing the negatives.

Ps. Refeed day is a very elaborate topic so we decided to complete it in two parts. Wait for tomorrow to complete this discussion when we talk about the negatives of a refeed day.

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