WIAW + a full day, from start to finish



Sharing a full day of eats.

Hi friends! How’s the week treating you?? I hope everyone is hanging in there, especially since so many schools released their plans over the past week. I have no clue what we’re going to do – we have until next Friday to figure it out – but if you’re spending the week making pro/con lists and frantically pacing around, I feel ya.

Despite the major decisions we’re facing, it’s otherwise been a good week. The kiddos are still living their best summer life and I’m finding more of a groove with juggling everything. (<— I say that this week but it seems like the weeks alternate up and down.) We’ve been focused on making some changes around the house (we bought more paint for bathroom cabinets so here we go) and planning some things in the distant future to look forward to.

For today’s post, I thought I’d do a WIAW post and share a full day of eats. I’m always looking for new ideas, especially during the ‘Rona times when we’ve been cooking at home a lot more often. I love simple, throw-together meals so if you have any new ones you’re loving, please send them my way!

6:30am: My alarm goes off. I’ve been trying to wake up earlier since I realized that we’re in this for the long haul and I’ve been sleeping until around 8am for months now. I don’t like the fact that I have to go to bed earlier (I love the quiet at night!!), but I feel like I accomplish more during the day, especially when I can catch a morning workout.

WIAW + a full day, from start to finish 1

I chug a large glass of water, eat a couple squares of dark chocolate (I love a little sweet bite in the morning to wake me up) and make the girls breakfast. Liv has sourdough pancakes with berries and P has been into savory foods for breakfast lately (like pizza, turkey sandwich, or leftovers from the night before). She requests a grilled cheese with berries.

WIAW + a full day, from start to finish 2

7:30am: The girls eat breakfast and watch a show while I head upstairs for a leg workout. It’s a quick circuit with goblet squats, single-leg squats. walking lunges, jump squats, lateral lunges, and clamshells.

8:15am: I take a quick shower (just bun my hair so I don’t have to wash it), get dressed, and make some decaf collagen coffee with almond milk and monk fruit

WIAW + a full day, from start to finish 3

The girls get dressed and make their beds while I make our bed, run a load of laundry, feed all of the animals, and clean the kitchen.

9:00am: My own breakfast: oatmeal with chia seeds, blueberries, raspberries, cinnamon, Nuttzo and a little maple syrup

+ supplements

WIAW + a full day, from start to finish 4

9:30-10:30am: P does some art at the table with us while Liv and I work on her summer homework packet from school. (Yes. Summer homework packet.) When Liv finishes up her assignments for the day, I make them a quick snack plate (trail mix, cheese sticks, and sliced apples) let them have a little screen time while I do another 30-45 minute work blitz. I work on pure content creation: brainstorming post ideas and writing as much as possible.

12:30pm: lunch together. The girls have turkey and cheese sandwiches with hummus, carrots, and fruit, while I have leftovers from the night before: coconut chicken curry.

WIAW + a full day, from start to finish 5

(It’s cauliflower, sweet potato, zucchini, chicken, onion, garlic, ginger, crushed tomatoes, a splash of coconut aminos, sesame oil, and red curry paste with chicken broth. After it cooked in the Instant Pot for 20 minutes, I stirred in a can of coconut milk and topped each bowl with lime juice and chopped cilantro.)

I also eat a giant handful of the best chips ever while I wait for the curry to heat up.

WIAW + a full day, from start to finish 6

The girls do Perler beads at the table – they’re so into these right now!- and in between ironing the beads together for them, I prep some dinner since I know we’ll be at the pool until dinnertime. We’re having miso-glazed cod, so I make a quick marinade for the fish with chickpea miso, sesame oil, brown sugar, and chicken broth.

Half goes on the fish and into the fridge to marinate, and I save the other half in a jar to pour on the fish in the last few minutes of roasting. 
WIAW + a full day, from start to finish 7

I also boil the potatoes so that they can roast with the fish and be done at the same time!

WIAW + a full day, from start to finish 8

We head upstairs and I play music for the girls to have a dance party while I clean out P’s closet. I finally pack away the winter stuff and store the too-small clothes so we can give them to Everly when she’s ready.

WIAW + a full day, from start to finish 9

(P always has a crazy amount of clothes since she gets all of Liv’s hand-me-downs and I inevitably add to the collection…)

3:00pm: the Pilot is home from work early, so he take the kiddos to the pool while I catch up on some work. I have a Beautycounter mentor call, write a blog post, upload a video to YouTube to publish later, and make a couple of graphics.

5:00pm: I meet up with the crew at the pool! This has been such a lifesaver for us this summer. It’s a thousand degrees here in Tucson so I’m thankful for an outdoor activity that enables the kiddos to get out their energy, interact with a couple of close friends, and be in the fresh air.

WIAW + a full day, from start to finish 10

Also, floating on an inflatable donut with a White Claw isn’t a bad place to be. 😉

6:30pm: We head home and P falls asleep in the car… the dreaded 6pm naptime. She snoozes on the couch while the Pilot, Liv and I eat dinner and play a few intense games of Old Maid.

Miso-glazed cod with garlic roasted potatoes and sautéed snap peas:

WIAW + a full day, from start to finish 11

P wakes up to have a bit of dinner around 7:30 and somehow still manages to fall asleep at bedtime. She’s zonked from such a full day! While the Pilot does the bedtime routine, I clean the kitchen and fold the laundry.

9pm: The girls are both crashed. I have a Goodpop orange creamsicle while watching Hamilton for the 18th time and finishing up loose ends: scheduling social media posts, uploading my blog post for the following day, and answering comments.

WIAW + a full day, from start to finish 12

10:15: Head upstairs to read (finishing up City of Girls) until around 10:30 or when I can’t keep my eyes open any longer.

10:45pm: Lights out and ready to do it all over again.

What I liked about this day of eats: I got a good amount of micronutrients and fresh produce and felt energized all day. There weren’t any points where I felt hangry.

What I didn’t like about this day of eats: So.much.cooking. lol. At least everything was simple and quick to put together. 😉

So, tell me, friends: what was the best thing you ate yesterday? Any quick meals or recipes you’re loving?



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