Winter My Favourite Season To Work Out



Winter My Favourite Season To Work Out

winter workoutTo speak the truth, determination and persistence is what is required to achieve your own fitness goals. But, don’t we have own personal favorite season to just workout in? That one particular season which lights us up from the inside making even the last tiring mile like walk in the park!

It can be – you walking in the slight drizzle of the monsoon season or the breezy springs with its fragrance filling up your lungs. It can also be – you working out while admiring the ephemerality of life in the autumn or working out in the comfort of your sweatshirts.

On a personal level, I have a thing for working out in the winters. There are a lot of reasons for this being my favorite season which also makes this post seem like an essay!

My top reasons to workout in winters

Reason #1:

Winters have longer nights which allow me to sleep in my bed for a longer time. As they say, sound mind leads to a sound body. (Sorry mom, winters are here!)

Reason #2:

Winters, the only time of the year where you can (or actually have to) workout in those comfortable layers of clothes (and more clothes). That homely feeling though!

Reason #3:

Winter My Favourite Season To Work Out

workout in winter trackThis comfy feeling is what makes most of the other people lazy enough not to even step out of their house. Their loss! I get to walk on the society road in my own privacy. Sometimes, I feel like the roads are my own personal running track! (Btw, one round is exact half km so even without a tracker I know how many rounds I need to complete my goal)

Reason #4:

They say sweat are the tears of fat. Best part of winters is that how much you sweat, it is from your own body and not the season helping you.  “Summers, your services of releasing that extra sweat are no longer required!”

Reason #5:

workout in winters

Fine! Winters do make you cold and shivery and sore. Add to that, “Brrr! It’s freezing today!” But, that breathless feeling after running is something that cannot be described, but can only be experienced.

Reason #6:

Winters make me lazy to even switch on the water heater and take a bath! Best solution? I use a hot shower as a reward after my workout for the day. And need I mention the power of a hot shower?

Reason #7:

winter rising sunNow, who cannot love watching the sun rise on foggy mornings? Believe me, it’s surreal. Try for once. You will realize that these are the things which you should start living for instead of a 9-5 job.

Reason #8:

Drinking water is a necessity if you work out and otherwise also. Winters are a time where you won’t be able to accomplish your water intake target, all thanks to “I’m fine without it”, “My throat ain’t parched”, “blah blah blah”. Working out is the perfect excuse for you to grab that water bottle after a long sweaty run. Keeps the radiant you in check.

Reason #9:

I Love going on long walks alone. And winters is the time when people don’t leave their house early in the morning nor enter them late at night. This creates the perfect aura for me to clear my mind or think about the future while walking at a fast pace. All hail “Me” time.

Reason #10:

Nostalgia! I was eagerly waiting for winters to come because I had started contemplating my fitness goals exactly 1 year back. I want to experience those every day 10 Kms walks again but now with a difference – with 16 kgs down. To be frank, I want to honor my new body and my new found confidence this winter.

winter workout the best

Are you ready for your best winter season workout?