Workout Clothes Washing Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs



You can do your laundry and knowing how to properly do it is different. Sometimes even most seasonal pros make some mistakes or struggle to see the obvious symbols. Accidently applying wrong washing techniques is pretty common while some do it regularly unknowingly which ruins the clothes. Such smearing with workout clothes abbreviated their life and disturbs their performance. Following we will discuss the common washing mistakes we are making without workout clothes and how to solve those. 

Workout clothes have to bear stretching, sweating, and washing twice more than regular clothes. This is a solid reason for their lifespan is short but there are some things that we can do to stretch it. Yes, you don’t wash your workout clothes like any other piece of clothing you own there is a completely different way of washing these if you want to save them. Avoid these mistakes with your workout clothes to keep them in the best shape and performance.

Using old-style detergent


Regular detergents can become a cause of fiber clog covering odors from your workout clothes and ruining the performance. Simply using detergents that are made for workout clothes will do the work.

Harsh or too much detergent


Lots of detergents are harsh that causes fibers to break down. Conversely, if detergent is not harsh using excess amounts does the same thing. It even causes small residue left on fabrics damaging the machine and clothes. The key here is to use as little as you can and go for workout clothes specific detergents.

Adding fabric softener 


There is no need to soften the activewear, they are made to be comfortable. Using fabric softener leaves an unnoticeable layer on clothes that restrict features like sweat-wicking and breathability. Plus, it catches layers of bacteria which becomes a major cause of skin problems. Just don’t do it and problem solved.

Problems with the washing machine


With time washing machines also get dirty catching residues causing the smell. Cleaning your washing machine after a while will solve the problem and save the workout clothes from the smell that didn’t go away even after washing them. Other than that, washing machines that stretch clothes cause them to lose flexibility soon. 


Hanging and hand drying 


Of course, hanger marks on the clothes look appalling let alone workout clothes. Constant hanging makes the fibers lose especially if you hand dry them because, at that time, they are dense and heavy. The simple and straight solution is to fold your clothes and dry them off place it on a plain surface. How to select workout clothes, this will help you when buying because we don’t want you to get wrong clothes and care for them all along just to be disappointed

Using the dryer 


Piling up too many clothes in the dryer makes most workout clothes super dry and damaged. Hot drying makes clothes shrink, dries up real fast result is damaged fibers which you don’t notice. Firstly, don’t pile too many clothes, secondly use air drying instead of hot drying and finally if you want to use hot drying just set the dryer to a lower temperature. Make sure to separate the workout clothes from rest when drying and washing. This will give you better results in saving their integrity, looks, and performance.

Washing with other clothes 


During the wash workout, clothes get abrasions from rubbing against harsh clothes, zippers, buttons, and whatnot. This is one of the major reasons workout clothes getting damaged. Try to wash them separately, if you cannot do that, because you are as lazy and lame as me, put the workout clothes in mesh or cotton bag when washing. Some workout gear really should be washed separately, for instance, this is especially true when you wash a BJJ Gi because the gi takes up so much space in the load. 

Leaving them in the bag

Leaving clothes in the bag after working out will give bacteria, sweat, smell, and dead skin cells to eat it up (not literally). By the time you take it out, lots of bacteria babies would have consumed your workout clothes smelling like something is dead in your gym bag. First, try to wash them right away after taking it out of the gym bag. If that cannot be done let them air dry and don’t put it in the laundry pile.

No inside out washing

Just think about it, inside of our clothes is the part that gets the dirtiest and of course, it is the part which we want clean because it is going to be against the skin again. Second, moisture-wicking, breathability, and other such features are on the skin or clothes so we want to protect those. Hence, washing them inside out will be a good solution to both problems saving the features and removing all bacteria making our clothes last longer and perform well.

Washing with lint clothes


If you follow all the steps right then there would be no small lint balls on your workout clothes. What do they start wearing off? It is a whole nother story, it might be time to change them now. The first step is to wash workout clothes with workout clothes only. Lint on them, previously, can be taken off with a coat brush, remember gentle strokes. Other than that, a razor can come in handy but it is risky as you might put a cut on your favorite workout clothing and curse us for the rest of your life. important note, don’t ever wash your stretchy clothes like jackets and leggings, etc. with towels and winter coats, just trust us. 

By this time, you might be thinking why should I exercise in workout clothes, just dump them and train in normal clothes. Normal clothes restrict your movements plus they are not made for workouts. There are hundreds of reasons to exercise in workout clothes, just stick to them.

Adding fragrance to smelly laundry

Putting fragrance beads or some other item to cover up the stink from dirty clothes will mask it for now but the cause of stink i.e. bacteria, sweat, etc. would still be there. Try to wash your workout clothes as soon as possible and don’t try to cover up the stink.

Treating the odor

If the smell doesn’t go even after washing then using more detergent isn’t the answer. Soak your clothes in water and vinegar solution or water and baking soda, adding a little bit of lemon, just a little will kill it completely. After half or one-hour max wash your clothes regularly, like told above and bacteria plus the smell is gone. Congratulations!

Using dryer sheets


Dryer sheets were for regular clothes, plus it might be the time to replace your dryer sheet because it lived its life. the modern-day is the age of dryer balls and static preventive detergents. Go for these instead and enhance the life of your workout clothes keeping their performance and style sheltered.

Sometimes you are too tired to even go to the gym, doing all this for your clothes becomes of far less importance. We understand! Firstly, most of these tips can be done when you are free and feeling so. However, make these a habit and it will not feel hectic and increase the life of your clothes increasing the performance and comfort, actually! You can do this with regular clothes too, except that activewear detergent.