Yogayurveda:Relationship between Yoga and Ayurveda



Yogayurveda:Relationship between Yoga and Ayurveda

Tell me honestly…how many of you had a question in your mind that Yoga is somehow linked to Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a well known form of healing practiced by Indians and mentioned in Vedas along with yoga (practice for mind healing). Are they really in any relation to each other?

Let’s see what the truth is.

Yogayurveda:Relationship between Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga is one of the most renowned practices in this century which is slowly increasing more and more. Its a form of art which helps in complete and utter discipline in terms of physical and psychological fitness and disciplines your mind. This form is Indian in heritage and I am a quite proud practitioner of Yoga.

Yoga can make you free of all the burdens of life and give you the heaven on earth if you really do practice it and believe in it.

It liberates both your mind and body. So of course needless to say Yoga is the ultimate workout and always better than any form of exercise you may choose to keep yourself fit. But these won’t give you any mental help..May be a little but yoga helps in complete concentration and memory is increased

Let’s see about Ayurveda in detail before going for its relation with Yoga.

Yogayurveda:Relationship between Yoga and Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a form of healing or medicine which is the most ancient practice in the field of healing ever since the dawn of mankind. Man used to observe nature and accidentally or sometimes through practice discovered various medicines for himself and others. Before the age of chemicals, nature was all he needed and some of the medicines are even now more effective than any antibiotics.

Needless to say it was all natural. The medicines sometimes were made for common diseases and mostly it was customized to suit the problems of the patient. No side effects ever and since no chemicals they could be injected without hesitation. Ayurveda is believed to be a slow process but let me tell you that even if its the case the problem will never be faced again. Ayurveda does not suppress a disease but simply goes beyond the depth and eliminates the root of it.

Now a day’s everyone looks for the word herbal in everything they use. Even in makeup mineral makeup is widely popular as it is considered to be made from natural ingredients.

Why are Yoga and Ayurveda called Sister Sciences ?

Yoga and Ayurveda both are very scientific in nature. They seem to understand human nature and body the most than any other practice. As such to get the complete health and beauty one would suggest using both of them to achieve it. They mainly focus on purifying your body which is the ultimate process to be fit and beautiful.

Yoga is all about mind and soul and Ayurveda takes care of your body. What more do you need?

Again both practices find the balance in the processes. Mind and soul balance is very important aspect of Yoga and bodily balanced health is the main purpose of Ayurveda.

They may not be directly related but both Yoga and Ayurveda are extremely necessary for the perfect mind, body and spirit health and wellness.

What do you think about Yogayurveda ? Share your thoughts through comments 🙂 !