10 things about my dad I miss on Father’s Day & every day



Father’s Day is next up on the Hallmark holiday calendar. Like it or not, these Hallmark holidays are here to stay.

Today, I’m sharing ten random things I miss about my dad, not just on Father’s Day, of course, but every day. There are way more than ten, but I’ll stick with ten.

If you are missing your father, grandfather, favorite uncle, or any influential male person in your life this Father’s Day (or anyone, for that matter), give making a list of things you miss about them a try. Writing stuff out always helps me feel better.

I discovered doing this was really an exercise in gratitude. Perhaps you will too. Let me know if you decide to try it and if it helps you feel better too.

10 Things I Miss About My Dad

1. His knowledge

My dad was super smart. I know everybody probably says that about their dad, but mine was so smart. He had a master’s degree in history, and boy, did he know his stuff. But he didn’t just know history stuff, he seemed to know a lot about everything.

Honestly, I don’t know where he picked up all his knowledge. Back when Trivial Pursuit was a thing, let’s just say everyone wanted him on their team. Yeah, he was one smart guy. But he never flaunted it. Humble, that’s what he was.

2. His calm demeanor.

As I wrote about in my memoir, I honestly do not remember my dad ever losing his temper except for the time my sisters and I must’ve really been driving him crazy, and he threatened us with a red stick of some sort. Of course, he never used it.

How many teachers did you have that you never once saw lose their tempers in class?

My dad taught high school history for over three decades and never outwardly got riled up or angry. (Believe me, I would’ve known. It was a small-town school and stuff like that would’ve been reported back to me. Plus, I had him as teacher myself, so I had a front row seat. Literally.)

3. His sense of humor

My dad told dumb jokes and was a master of wise cracks. A master.

4. His ease interacting with kids

The age of the kid(s) didn’t matter. He was as much at ease with holding (and babysitting) a newborn as he was with shooting the breeze with any random high school student he’d meet at the grocery store.

I’m pretty sure my dad preferred (by far) interacting with youth over interacting with adults.

5. His weather reports

My dad loved tracking the weather. It wasn’t just a hobby, it could’ve been a second career. He could tell you the average temps in any city in the country, the highs and lows expected, average snowfall, rainfall amounts or whatever. He could tell you down to the minute how much more sunlight we were getting or not getting on any given day as the seasons changed. The man had a grasp of meteorology and geography like nobody I’ve ever known. And maps. He spent hours studying them.

I miss texting him weather reports whenever and wherever I travel now. I’m sure he’s the reason why my three siblings and I are probably all a little weather obsessed. And every time I empty my rain gauge, I smile and think of him. Heck, he is why I have a rain gauge.

6. Sitting outside

I loved sitting outside with my dad. Just sitting. We didn’t even have to talk much and often we didn’t, though of course, we always discussed the weather. Sitting on my deck, his patio, or on a bench in my backyard – it didn’t matter where. Just sitting together outside is something I think about and miss nearly every day especially this time of year.

10 things about my dad I miss on Father’s Day & every day 1
Just sitting…

7. Sports reports

My dad loved sports. All sports. But especially baseball, basketball and football. College, pro, high school – it didn’t matter. He loved them all. And not just men’s sports. He also enjoyed following women’s sports. He kept track of players, standings, scores and whatever else sports fans keep track of.

8. Wisdom

I know I mentioned in #1 that my dad was smart. But being smart is not the same as being wise. My dad was both.

My dad was a man of few words, but when he spoke, people listened because everyone knew what he’d have to say was going to be worth hearing. So much noise these days. So much talk. Not a lot of wisdom though. Maybe less is more.

I would love to get his thoughts on this coronavirus situation, the protests that have been going on and the exhausting, troubling political shenanigans that have been going on for nearly four years in the present White House.

My dad never shared who he voted for as he thought voting was a private thing, but of course, I always knew.

9. His arm pats

My dad was an arm patter. When we’d say goodbye, he’d pat my arm. That was easier for him than saying, I love you. Arm pats worked fine.

10. His kindness

Above all else, my dad was kind to everyone. He rarely spoke negatively about people. I never heard him swear at or cuss anyone out. Heck, I don’t think I ever heard him swear period. He was a genuinely kind person. A good man. A good man indeed.

So those are just ten of many things about my dad that I miss on Father’s Day and every other day as well.

We hear it said all the time in Grief World that eventually memories bring a smile rather than a tear. I’m not entirely sure about that, but maybe it’s true because I’m smiling right now.

Miss you, Dad. Love you forever.

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and other men out there who love and nurture children whether they be their own or not.

Now, tell me something about YOUR dad.

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Share something about YOUR dad.

Have you ever tried making a list of things you miss about a dear one who’s died?

How do you feel about these Hallmark holidays?

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