Vaccine Controversy



Vaccine Controversy 1

Lets talk vaccine, Now here at IM/5Fitness we acknowledge each and every individuals right to exercise their personal decisions. We are here to just give you optional thought and leave the rest to you. Her at IM/5Fitness, our specialty is fitness and we try not to veer from that although it gets tempting. No one regardless of race deserves to be shot down in the streets, it’s an equality, decency and morality issue. Back to what we do, the vaccine issue is definitely a health issue as well. Lets face that facts, as a country we have reacted to the virus in a poor way and in a very selfish way, that’s just the truth. We have minorities that question the vaccine with understandability but not knowing that minorities helped create it. Then we have other factions that do not want to take it also understandable. But as a country we need to get to herd immunity if for nothing else but to insure that the virus does not mutate and start effecting our kids, god forbid. So if you don’t consider taking it or will not take it, do it for the sake of your kids, no one wants to see our children go through what we have been through in the past year.