Are You a Social Media Influencer Looking to Promote Breast Cancer Early Detection?




Help us promote our new app!

We need to get the word out about the importance of early detection. We can’t do it alone, so WE NEED YOU. We’ve developed one of the best breast health apps out there (see for yourself 💛) and we need you to help us promote it.

What we need from you:

On July 1st, tell your followers about the new iPhone app. This is when the app will be ready on the Apple store. Before this time, the new version of app will NOT be available. We’ve attached images for you to use, but feel free to make a video and share a story too. Whatever format fits your audience best.


When posting images on social media, provide the link ( for followers to download the app at the end of the caption or in your daily story. And don’t forget to tag us @knowyourlemons. We will do our best to reshare on our channel too!

Is the app available on Android?
It is, but it doesn’t include the new features that the iPhone app does (risk assessment quiz, period tracker, custom screening plan). We need to raise funds to update the Android version. As a note, the Android app works when you login using and email address. If you use the Facebook login feature, it doesn’t work. So if you want to promote the Android app, be sure to let your followers know.

How can my followers support your work (and help raise money for the Android app)?

We have a Know Your Lemons Shop that sells cute lemon themed merchandise as well as education materials. 100% of proceeds go to funding our work. Facebook Fundraisers are also a big help, as well as monthly donations.

What are the main features of the app?

Visit to learn about app features.

I read this app won an award?

It did! We were named as one of the top 5 health and fitness apps last year by the Webby Awards (they are the Oscars of the internet). We are the FIRST breast app to be nominated.

Is the Know Your Lemons Foundation a charity?

We sure are! 100% of donations are tax deductible. We have reached over 1 billion people online with our #knowyourlemons campaign. We get messages from women often telling us they are alive because of our important work in early detection.

You are with the United Nations?

We are a member of the United Nations DGC, and are aligned with their goal to reduce deaths from noncommunicable diseases. We are the charity focused on reducing deaths due to breast cancer. We also have a platinum seal of transparency on GuideStar.

Who do you help?

Our work is in over 90 countries, and we have information in 21 languages and counting. We are the most inclusive breast cancer charity out there, as our work communicates well no matter one’s age, ethnicity, gender or literacy level. We also have materials specifically for black women in the US, UK and Africa.

Can I volunteer with you?

Absolutely. Sign up to be an educator here and be eligible to get enrolled in our online course to become a certified teacher with Know Your Lemons.