From 3k to 200k followers – how to grow your dental account on Instagram



From 3k to 200k followers – how to grow your dental account on Instagram 1

After gaining 200k followers in just nine months, Zack Chug reveals his tricks and tips for growing an Instagram account.  

My name is Zack Chug, I am a social media influencer and a third year dental student. I started this journey around nine months ago. Posting food and fitness content started as a hobby over lockdown and has now become my current full time job. This whole experience has been completely life changing and a character-building process.

It’s the most rewarding thing for me to reach millions and have some sort of positive impact on them. My aim is to promote a sustainable, long term way of healthy living – both physically and mentally.

In this article, I will share with you some tips and advice from my own personal experience regarding Instagram on how to grow your account as well as creating content every day whilst studying in dental school. I’ve successfully grown my account from 3,000 to 200k followers in roughly nine months.

Find your niche

First thing is first, identify your niche and I appreciate the niche for the majority of you will be dentistry. But I feel in the age we live in now to effectively increase your engagement and interpersonal relatability, incorporating your passions with dentistry will make you stand out.

I want people to be able to relate to the real me and some of the daily hurdles that we all inevitably must overcome. Bringing your character and personality is key for followers to gain trust in you as well as showing potential patients who view your profile what you’re really like too!

One way I have gained thousands of people’s trust is through always taking time out of my day to respond to their DMs and reply to comments for example.

Also, it is vital to use specific hashtags related to your niche too. I aim for eight to 1o specific niche related ones so it narrows down the audience you are trying to attract and engage with.

Post useful content

Secondly, every single one of your posts must be useful and provide value for your followers. If you can get valuable and saveable information out for your followers, I can guarantee you’ll start noticing growth.

The Instagram algorithm favours captivating, engaging and helpful content. The more saves you get, the more likely your post is to appear on the explore page.

I never look at likes anymore to tell if I’ve released a useful post or not, I always look at saves!

Be consistent

Thirdly, posting consistently is one way to let your followers know that they can rely on you, which in turn results in more shares, reach thus engagement. To organically grow, posting consistently is so important. You’ll pop up on everyone’s explore page every so often, which acts as a catalyst for increased amount of followers.

People will be intrigued, they will want to know more about you, in their eyes there must be a good reason for you constantly being on the explore page!

Lastly, when it’s comes to content I always aim to film and plan my content in bulk since editing can take some time. I recommend utilising the reels, carousels and IGTV features and making them short, snappy yet effective and straight to the point.

Think of it like engaging your audience’s attention in the first two seconds of your post. If it’s not engaging in that time frame, they’re more than likely going to keep on scrolling and disregard your post.

I really hope this helps in any way whatsoever. And I look forward to seeing your guy’s pages grow! Feel free to drop me message give on instagram @Zack.chug for any enquiries.

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