Skincare Challenges as We Age



For me I’m learning that less makeup and tinkering is BEST at age 50. Even though I’ve always loved “more”

Skincare Challenges as We Age 1

The more I try cover up or “fix” things, the more it starts not looking amazing on aging skin.

For example, I used to LOVE Spray tanning. Now I hate it. All it does is make my spots look darker , like I have a gazillion age spots and makes my skin look dry.

And our eyes… can we talk about those?! I swear, they shrink (or appear to shrink) with age.

I also have a long history of LOVING False Lashes but have found that those permanent lash extensions have an allergic reaction on me. AND if I try to do the trendy eye makeup looks, they make my eyes look extra droopy since we have more loose skin as we age!

I also find lip liner doesn’t work well as I age too – it bleeds. Clear or neutral glosses work best.

I AM obsessed with “brow lamination”… that’s a score for us. It makes our once over plucked eyebrows look full again!

And glitter and sparkly anything is a big fat No or I look like the 80s exploded.

And my BEST beauty “friends” these days?

Skincare Challenges as We Age 2

I have several things in my arsenal that I swear by…. BUT first, a REALLY REALLY REALLY good lighting. And of course a great makeup artist and photographer doesn’t hurt lol

Some of my other favorites?

FIRST, a A great liquid marine collagen  Marine COLLAGEN to be exact. That is IDEAL or hair, skin and nails. AND, powder collagens we only absorb at 30%! When we do a LIQUID version we absorb 90% SCORE! This is the  Collagen Elixir Skincare Challenges as We Age 3

That I swear by. It is infused with an innovative blend of marine collagen peptides and powerful botanicals. It is a seriously  powerful beauty blend of superfoods.

A NEXT must? My skincare line … what I use TOPICALLY. I use a combination of the Cellutoi Skincare Line    (especially the eye cream!) And my good friend Natalias

Katya Love  line. ESPECIALLY her Camera Ready Transformation oil. I use it every evening after doing my night time skin care routine and in the morning, I mix it with my sunblock. This Oil is a MUST HAVE. (Use code NatalieJill for 15% off)Skincare Challenges as We Age 4





If you want to check out more of my favorite products, CLICK HERE for my full supplement guide.

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