Best Chest Workouts: The Best Exercises for a Massive Chest



Best Chest Workouts: The Best Exercises for a Massive Chest 1

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Best Chest Workouts: The Best Exercises for a Massive Chest 2

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Best Chest Workouts: The Best Exercises for a Massive Chest 3

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There are plenty of good reasons you should be completing your weekly quota of chest exercises. Your chest is composed of some of the largest and most used muscles in your body. This means that even when you aren’t in the gym, you are using them all the time. Picking up boxes? Pushing open a heavy door? Waving at a friend? The answer is yes to all of these, so it’s probably a good idea to develop them into something we’re proud of. Whether you’re lifting with dreams of pure aesthetics or the goal of incredible performance, you’re going to need to workout properly to get good results. 

We’re here to give you all the details of what we think are some of the best chest exercises you can do. Most men have aspired to have those powerful pectorals that really fill out a shirt. No guy wants to stand in front of the mirror and see man boobs, or “moobs” for short. With these chest workouts at your disposal, you too can have larger than life chest muscles that are tougher than a board. With a good routine and strict regimen, results will come in no time at all. As they say, slow and steady truly does win the race and you should take these words to heart. Overdoing these workouts will most likely hamper your progress rather than help it, so remember to do everything in moderation. 

The sheer volume of chest exercises out there can make it difficult to know what exactly to do or even if you’re doing those things properly. There are dozens upon dozens of different exercises and variations that you can do on chest day, but you probably don’t want to spend all Monday afternoon, or multiple Mondays, trying all of them out. Ideally you should be sticking to a couple of the best exercises and continually trying to improve on those week after week. With the amount of exercises there are out there, we’ve done the work and narrowed the list to some of the most effective chest exercises for you to try.

Now these aren’t necessarily a list of the hardest or most challenging workouts. It is focused on what we believe to be, pound for pound, the best and most efficient mass builders. We’ve also provided an explanation and a quick “how to” to help you get started. These are great to swap in for exercises in your current routine, build a whole new chest regimen with them, or just to change things up and keep things fresh when you get bored of your standard routine. But first, let us touch on some things you should know before jumping straight into it. If you’re already a workout vet and here just for the exercises, feel free to scroll down to get to the workout. 


The Muscles

If you’re going to be trying to bulk up for a massive chest, you need to be informed on what exactly you are working to build. In addition to providing a strong and aesthetic physique, a well trained chest will often improve the overall health of its owner as well as the ability to perform daily tasks with much greater ease. The chest is made of the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor, both of which you will be working on.

The pectoralis major, or more commonly referred to as just “pecs” make up the largest portion of your chest muscles. It is a thick and wide muscle located right under the breast, which extends out across your chest from the shoulder to your breast bone. A developed pectoralis major is quite evident in males which make them greatly sought after for vanity’s sake. The muscle contains at least 6 separate sets of muscle fibers, which allow portions of the muscle to be moved independently. Composed of a sternal head and a clavicle head, the pectoralis major aids in the extension and flexion of the arm.

A second pectoral muscle, the pectoralis minor, is situated underneath the pectoralis major. The thinner, smaller sibling of the pectoral duo extends from three origin points on the ribcage. The primary functions of the muscle are the stabilization, depression, abduction, protraction, and the upward and downward rotation of your scapula. Together your pectoralis major and pectoralis minor form your pecs and play a crucial role in both arm and deep inhalation.