Dance Sculpt 30-minute cardio and strength workout



This is a fun and energetic dance-based cardio workout with an endurance strength segment at the end. Please let me know if you give it a try!

Hi friends! How are you? I hope you’re having a lovely week so far. This morning, I’m teaching a virtual Zoom barre class (so excited), hopping on a Beautycounter call, and taking time to crank through some work stuff before picking up the crew. They’re at school at the same time two whole days this week, so I’ll be blitzing over here.

Dance cardio and strength workout video.

Today’s post is an all-new workout! This is one of my very favorite types of workouts: dance cardio (sweaty, fun cardio) with barre style endurance strength at the end. This is my first time posting a dance cardio workout on the blog – finally got music licensing figured out!!!!- and I originally filmed it for Fit Revolution. <— my code gets you a free 7-day trial! I only get credit if you use this link to sign up, so if you’d like to check it out, the link is here! I had some sound issues with the mic and the lighting was weird, so it didn’t make the final cut, but I thought it would be perfect to post on my YouTube channel.

Some notes:

– You don’t have to be a dancer to love dance cardio and get in an awesome workout! I’m not a prima ballerina, but I’m someone who LOVES dancing. It brings me so much joy! Don’t worry about being perfect; I definitely don’t haha. Just keep moving and have fun with it. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

– We work on a combo through this set and build on. If you need more time to repeat a certain segment, pause it and practice, or just skip it and do jumping jacks or jog in place. We go through it many times, so no sweat if you don’t get it the first time.

– All you need is a set of light dumbbells. Feel free to switch or ditch the weights depending on how you feel.

– As always, talk with a doctor before making any fitness changes and honor your body.

Please let me know if you give this one a try! If you like this type of workout, please let me know, or let me know if you have requests for upcoming workouts.

Have a happy Tuesday and thank you for stopping by the blog today!



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