Have Belly Fat? Fix Your Fatty Liver



Have Belly Fat? Fix Your Fatty Liver

Some questions –

  • Do you have abdominal obesity? (heaviest trunk area)
  • Does your tummy bulge out ?
  • Do you have a paunch ?
  • Do you have a muffin top ?

All the above questions that may appear different, but refer to the same old vicious problem of flab on tummy/stomach.

Have Belly Fat? Fix Your Fatty Liver

We have done a number of posts on belly fat that you will find at the end of this post. Women has a great tendency of piling fat on belly, so we do our best to bring the best possible solutions for our readers.

One of the primary reason of Belly Fat is Fatty liver disease. Its also called NALFD – Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The name of the disease is self explanatory.

What causes Fatty Liver/NALFD ?

Have you heard of a French delicacy called Foie gras? Its a delicacy made from goose liver. The first step of this dish is to overfeed/force feed ducks/geese with sugar,corn and starch. Excessive sugar intake makes their liver fatty.

Why is Fatty Liver disease so serious ?

Fatty liver can cause you all health problems that you can think of, followed by crazy medical bills.
Fatty Liver causes inflammation in your body which leads to insulin resistance and pre-diabetes. This further causes fat deposition on liver, around all organs(visceral fat) and your belly.

Belly fat is dangerous and toughest to lose. Its caused by high carbs(sugar and starch. It may cause bad cholesterol which is the primary reason of heart attacks. Unfortunately, good cholesterol is also reduced by its ill effects.

I read somewhere that young kids in US had to opt for liver transplants due to excessive intake of soda. This is a serious problem. We need to think where our generation is heading towards, sigh !

How to find out if you have Fatty Liver/NALFD ?

  1. Do you have belly fat ?
  2. Do you eat sugar and flours ?
  3. Do you crave for carbs, sugar, starch ?

If the answers to two of the above three questions is ‘Yes’ , most likely you are suffering from fatty lever disease. Blood tests that detect fatty liver are available. You can also opt for ultra sound.

How to get rid of Fatty Liver disease ?

There are 3 steps of doing it –

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Supplements

All the above steps are mandatory.

Diet – Throw high fructose corn syrup, sugar, cookies, flours , junk and processed food from your diet. Eat real natural food like veggies, fruits, nuts, lean animal protein etc.

Exercise – Keep your body moving. Workout everyday if you have belly fat/fatty liver.

Supplements – Add antioxidants, fiber and protein supplements to your diet.

Get an expert’s help if needed to fix your fatty liver. We don’t deserve a fatty liver, we need a healthy liver and a healthy body !


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