Healthy Changes That Will Keep You Fit and Active



Everyone wants to live a healthy life but not everyone has the time to workout and exercise. That is why most of us fail to make our lives. To make big changes, you have to start by making small changes. For instance, if you want to gain muscle and get buffed first you have to start going to the gym, then adjusting your diet, and working out accordingly. Only then you would be able to achieve your goal. Incorporating these changes to your life does not mean you should stop working out, wearing your workout clothes, going to the gym.

Stretch in the Morning

Stretch In The Morning

As you wake up and get out of the bed, before doing anything else, stretch your body. So, some stretching poses to loosen up the muscles getting them ready for the day. This will help you cope with pain making the body mobile.

Start the day with Water

Start The Day With Water

As soon as you wake up, drink at least a glass of water. To remember try keeping water by the side table or next to you. The body feels good and fresh when you hydrate it in the morning. This will start the brain and keep it fresh as a flower for the day. Drinking water first thing in the morning will help cleaning the body of toxins away.

A Healthy Start

Healthy Breakfast - Born Tough Blog

Breakfast is essential. It gives you nutrition and energy for the day until lunch. A healthy and fulfilling breakfast will stop you from making unhealthy choices. Try and include as much fiber, protein, and healthy fats in breakfast. Go for whole foods, oats, eggs, and fruits for breakfast too. Try to maintain a healthy streak and never miss breakfast.

Switch to Black Coffee

Switch To Black Coffee

If you are a coffee person and currently taking those fancy ones, then it is time to switch to black coffee. Those fancy coffee pack loads of unhealthy calories. Plus, mixing your protein powder with black coffee would give you a power boost and keep you active.

Use your Feet More

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Unless your office or destination is on the 30th floor or so, try using the stairs. Try to walk more as this helps to burn your calories more. You can maybe park the car a block away and walk to the office, get off the bus or train a block early and get to the office on foot. The point is to use your feet more. If you are planning on running check out these techniques for effective running, it sure will help.

Count Your Steps

Count Your Steps

The recommended number is 10,000 steps daily. But don’t get frustrated or give up on walking because you couldn’t achieve the number. We all have to start from somewhere, with time to try to increase the number and keep ongoing. Not giving up is the key when it comes to achieving your goals. Small things like walking more, taking the stairs and walking to the grocery store will add a significant amount to these steps.

Make a Sleep Routine

Make Your Sleep Routine

Instead of going to sleep whenever you want or can try to fix a time to sleep and wake up and stick to it. Little ups and downs in time are okay so don’t bother. After some time, the body will get accustomed to the new routine and it will naturally give you notifications if you get late sometimes. A healthy sleep routine will keep your body fresh.

Sleeping with the Phone

Sleep With Mobile Phone

Do you also have the habit of sleeping late because you were scrolling on the phone and time just passed by? Sleeping at odd hours and not letting the body sleep and rest properly has adverse effects on not just your body but also on the mind. Get 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep. Try not to sleep with your phone by the side. Social media is very addictive and you just want to keep on scrolling, I feel you, but putting it down when needed will sure be a big helpful step.

Stand Up More

Stand Up More In Office

Most of us are doing 9 to 5 jobs in which we have to sit all day long in front of a computer screen. This not only makes the mind and eyes tired but starts creating problems for the body. Unless you are working out or doing some other physical activities like sports etc. Prolonged sitting increases the risk of many serious health issues like obesity, diabetes, and cardiac issues. Try to stand up and move after an hour or so, walk to the dispenser or go get some coffee, maybe go to the restroom and wash your face. Walking to someone’s desk instead of sending them a message is easy and definitely doable. This increases your activity, saves you from the problems to come, plus, you would not get sleepy.

Try New Recipes

Try New Healthy Recipes

Trying new recipes doesn’t let you get bored with the diet plus you would discover new tastes and food. In the process, you might start liking some food that you didn’t earlier. Learning one recipe a month gives you 12 recipes in a year. Remember we are talking about new recipes, not new diet plans. Always eat healthily.

Log Daily Calorie intake

Count Daily Calories Intake

Keeping track of your calorie intake, in the beginning, might seem very hectic and boring and offsetting tasks but with the time you will ease into it. Being mindful of what you are eating is better than not knowing at all. Because when you are logging it some your muscles and core

Strengthening your core and muscles is as important as losing weight. If you haven’t already started doing these exercises we strongly recommend to do. One of the most common myths among women is they would get buffed with weight training, but that is not true at all. Allot a slot from your workout time to weight and core strengthening training.

Avoid Carbonated Drinks 

Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks or soda, whatever you want to call them, are the biggest reasons we gain weight and lots of fat. Of course, you can drink it sometimes but daily consumption of making it a habit, or drinking soda as a water replacement will only make the situation worse. These contain a lot of sugar which directly adds up to the body fat unless you burn it all, which is very difficult. Sparkling water is a good and safe alternative if carbonated drinks are your weakness. It is all about control and telling yourself what is right and wrong, what is healthy and unhealthy.

Use Fruit for Dessert

Use Fruits In Dessert

When cutting sugar that is unhealthy you should go towards natural and healthy sugar to fulfill the body’s need for it. When you have sugar cravings go for fruits, natural juices, or dessert. Eating more of these is not as unhealthy as drinking one can of soda. You can even make a fruit salad and add some honey as garnishing. Believe me, your sugar cravings will be fulfilled.


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Take some time off from worldly activities and give yourself some time. Forget everything else and meditate even if it is for 10 minutes. If meditation is not what you like or cannot do that, then just lie down for a while and think about your daily plans, or maybe listening to some soulful music. What you do, just don’t start thinking about your problems or bills, etc. one of the purposes of meditation is to get your mind clear and free of these worries so it can relax. I know it sounds and feels difficult, maybe even impossible, but trying won’t hurt.

Take Part in Some Healthy Competition

Swimming Competition

Try taking part in some healthy competitions like sports, running, swimming, or any of your favorite sport. Try running for a short marathon, but not without proper preparation and knowledge. Just look for something you like and go for it. Doing what you like will give you a sense of happiness and a happy mind equals a happy body.

Healthy Eating

Last but not least, eating healthy; has its benefits. Cooking at home is the best source of healthy food, plus, you can add your favorite flavors to it and customize according to your liking. Lunch and dinners are the time when we decide to go for unhealthy food, try to control yourself then and it will help a lot in the future. Eating a pizza or whatever once a week is not that bad.